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Italian Summers

Clutch SWEET SICILIAN Maiolica by Italian Summers

Clutch SWEET SICILIAN Maiolica by Italian Summers

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Our Clutch SWEET SICILIAN Maiolica takes you to the Italian shore! This stunning statement piece features classic Sicilian tiles, juicy lemons and playful florals, plus the sassy quote "I don't need therapy, I just need to go to Italy". Pack your bags (or better yet, this clutch!) and get ready to jet set!

Give your outfit a dolce Sicilian touch with this cute Italian Sicilian tiles clutch designed with Amore by us! A few things of which we love most...tiles and lemons are always a good idea. Like Italy is! Just in case you are going to have an Italian Riviera holiday, have a look also at our beach towel with this design.

Small: 21,5 cm x 15,5
Inches: 8.5 x 6

-Made on demand, DTG printed and sewn together from scratch,
packed and shipped from the US
-Durable spinned thread polyester canvas, white non-woven lining
-Durable zipper closure with gold color puller
-Original design by us, with Amore…
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