Looking for a special memory for your guests?

We design the perfect personalized welcome bag for you and your guests. While we don’t fill the bags for you, we do  create other super-cute items that you can add to their contents (mugs, tees, bags etc).  You can choose from our existing bag designs which we can personalize, or we can make you a complete new design from scratch.  Feel free to ask for an estimate.

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Amalfi Coast theme

Italy inspired table runner printed with a blue and white pattern  of  Italian maiolica tiles and bundles of Sorrento lemons with flowers. A true Amalfi Coast decorational touch to any diningroom. Made by Italian Summers.

Most requested Italy locations

Most of the wedding bags we made until now are for the Amalfi Coast, Capri and Lago di Como. We make straw bags as well as canvas bags. Many clients ask for a combinaton of this two, bags for him and her.

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  • For your bachelorettes?

    There is something available for every taste..

  • Straw bag Ciao & Bella

    How we make you your sketches for your approval.

  • Capri vintage

    These models were in moda in the 60s on Isola di Capri.

  • Time for Spritz!

    Tote bags have more possibilities design wise.

  • An Italian love story

    Tote bags are more affordable than Straw bags.

  • Italian therapy

    Tote bags are multi functional can be used for him and her

Peperoncino theme for Sicily wedding

These bags must have looked so cute when they were all hung on the wall of an old vila in Noto, Sicilia.

Italy t-shirts

Available in several models, several colors, with front or/and back print. Made on demand, as we want to prevent overproduction.

  • Andiamo al mare?

    Loved by everyone but an abolute bestseller for events in Italian seaside locations and Lake destinations.

    Italy beach towels 
  • Column

    The perfect additonal gift with beach towels or beach bags. The perfect pair! Italian Riviera, here we come!

    Italy flip flops 
  • Wedding & Event totes

  • Italy inspired

    There are too many personalized bags to show here. Let us know your idea!

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  • Italy straw bags

    Let us know your reguested Italy theme and we let you know what the possibilities are.

  • Italy straw bags

    Embrodery is possible in many colors. Straw bags and decoration are made by hand.

  • Italy straw bags

    Apart form the embrodery you can have pompons, lining or patches made and painted by hand.