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Italian Summers

Clutch THERAPY POSITANO by Italian Summers

Clutch THERAPY POSITANO by Italian Summers

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The Clutch THERAPY POSITANO by Italian Summers is the perfect remedy for that travel bug! This gorgeous Amalfi Coast-inspired clutch will transport you to the beach of Positano, thanks to its colorful umbrellas, stunning view, and cheeky "I don't need therapy, I just need to go to Italy" quote. Fresh as a granita and sunny as a lemon - this clutch will have you saying "Sì!"

All we need is some Italian therapy! Long lazy lunches at Da Adolfo's with Amalfi Coast views. Until you are there you can have a smile on your face everything you use this cute clutch for your makeup, or your pencils or for your phone. Avaylable in 2 sizes. While you are here, have a look at our other designs. Thank you for visiting!

Made on demand
-Printed and sewn together from scratch in the US
-Durable spinned thread polyester canvas, white non-woven lining
-Durable zipper closure with gold color puller
-Original design by us, with Amore…
-Shipping is trackable
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