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Italian Summers

Large 1960s Vintage Italian emerald-green Empoli glass decanter with ice chamber. Hand-blown in Tuscany.

Large 1960s Vintage Italian emerald-green Empoli glass decanter with ice chamber. Hand-blown in Tuscany.

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1960s Vintage Italian emerald-green Empoli wine decanter with ice chamber, hand-blown glass.
This item is a small work of artisanal beauty. A true collectible piece of Italian tradition. (glasses not included).

Materials: Hand blown Tuscan glass, Large original wine barrel cork with chain lanyard.
Height: 40 cm.- 13 in.
Width: 20 cm. - 8 in.
Capacity: 1.5 liters ( 2 wine bottles )
Condition: Great vintage condition for its age, some minute scratches, almost invisible. Original cork as new. Stopper made of glass.

After WWII, the Florentine and Tuscan wine industry employed various "vetrarie" glass factories to create many different forms of wine bottles, flask-decanters to be sold as household objects or filled with renowned wines form all over Italy.
One particular kind is this one, a wine-cooling decanter.
The Tuscan wine folks understood that many love a cooled-down drink of wine, especially in a hot summer's day. That is why there is an ice-cube chamber on its side!
As no self-respecting Italian would allow ice cubes to melt in the wine itself, they created a cooling chamber to be filled with a little water and some ice-cubes! The wine gets cooled without being diluted by the melting ice... Genius.

The ice chamber has its own original cork with its chain lanyard.
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